Smoking is DUST yet we have not dusted.

Smoking is a nasty old habit that New Zealanders need to kick. Not only is it bad for our wallets, it’s not too good for our lungs and bodies either.

It can only get worse.

These days I only have to take a few steps during a lovely walk, in the fresh air around the city, for it to be interrupted by choking cigarette second hand smoke. Seriously this is a growing problem! Young people are continuing to take up the filthy habit after knowing full well the repercussions and effects it will have on their bodies.

Something must be done to ensure that cigarettes are dealt with.


13 thoughts on “Smoking is DUST yet we have not dusted.

  1. I really enjoyed reading you first claim. I definitely agree with you statement with about how it’s not good for our bodies. However do you not think that if Cigarettes were band then it could potentially increase crime? As terrorists and gangsters would have another product to add to their underground market.


  2. Hey Savannah, I’m totally with you on the banning of cigarettes so I cant wait to see your argument. Although I think before you start posting just proof read your work as iv noticed some spelling mistakes. As Lochan also stated, I look forward to your future claim about how you answer the question of what if banning cigarettes might increase crime.

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  3. Hello ! I like your title, very witty and capturing to the reader. You make very valid points and I agree that they should be banned however there are many consequences that can happen due to it potentially becoming legal(black market, underground crime) but as I read your reply to Lochans post, I look forward to read your counter arguments to them in your future claims. There are a few spelling mistakes but other than that I look forward to reading your future claims!


  4. I totally agree with your opinion that ” smoking is a nasty old habit that New Zealanders need to kick . Not only is it bad for our wallets , its not good for our lungs and bodies either.” Because everyone knows that smoking cigarettes will leads people to a negative effects , and i like your title as well .


  5. I personality don’t like smokers, I don’t like smelling smoke it is disgusting. In my family my dad smokes, most of the time my home is full with smoke. He was addicted and at least smoke a pack a day. Our family had lost a lot of money for spending it all on cigarettes. I really hate this type of environment, so I tend to stay away from smokers. If I smell second hand smoke outdoor I will always block up my noise. I want to have a healthy body and I really hope my dad would stop smoking and realise the damages he’s doing to the health of our families and others around him.


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