Like Father Like Son

We as children are extremely influenced by the actions of our beloved parents. We aspire to be like them. Little do we know the huge impact their actions have on us until we are behaving extremely similarly to them. A 2014 survey found 60% of youth in Greece, between ages 13-15 began smoking as their parents are regular smokers.

Children are awfully influenced by the actions of their parents, so much so they are seven times more likely to become smokers if their parents smoke.

However, that’s not the worst, children who are living with smokers and are constantly inhaling second hand smoke have huge effect on the health. The Ministry of Health says they are more likely to become ill with sicknesses such as croup, pneumonia and bronchitis. The children of smokers also have a lower immunity, therefore, are more likely to catch coughs and colds over children who live in smoke free homes. High risk of cot deaths of infants, ear infections and contracting the meningococcal disease are also the repercussions for smokers’ children.

This nevertheless, does not mean all children will start smoking if a family member smokes, only that the chances are much higher. I would also like to make clear that parents’ are not the only influence children yet other youth or adults they admire. Peer pressure also may play a part in beginning smoking also.

Consequently there is a message here, for cigarette smoking to be so dangerous to those who don’t even consume the cigarette itself, it should not be allowed on the market. Parents need to realise that smoking isn’t only killing them, it’s killing their children also.


9 thoughts on “Like Father Like Son

  1. Hi there,
    You make a valid point in your argument and I agree that the influence can be very harmful to parents’ children. However, it could be possible that children were influenced by people other than their parents such as peers from school? Some children may smoke despite their parents not being smokers because they want to conform to peer pressure. My parents used to smoke too but l didn’t get influenced as I saw the long term effects it caused and I didn’t want to endure that myself so it was more of a motivation towards ‘not wanting to smoke’. But as you stated, 60% is a significant amount so your point is very valid.
    Nevertheless, I like that you mentioned the Ministry Of Health as this is a legit source and also that you back up your evidence very nicely, your writing style is very intriguing and easy to read/ understand. Keep it up 🙂


  2. I love your spin on this. It is becoming more evident nowadays in advertisements in between popular T.V shows or on the radio that our Parents do play a role in this. For the Parents that do smoke, the children get to see how ‘cool’ it is to smoke because their role models do it. However like mentioned previously, not all children do follow in there Parents footsteps, either because that was the way they were taught or it’s out of maturity and self respect. I remember growing up with Parents and Grandparents who had been smoking since they were 13 but it’s hard to break that chain now because it’s such an addiction.

    I like where you’re going with this and i love the relating statistics, to other countries, that you’ve used. I think that your last sentence should focus on the your opening statement more. Correct me if i’m wrong but i feel as if you’re targeting Parents as if they’d deliberately smoke with the children right in front of their faces.
    Keep going, i’m really enjoying the read, especially because it’s so close to home and i’m enjoying this arguement.


  3. Hey Savannah. On one hand to some extent I do agree with Terisie as kids from school smoke because of the pressure from their peers at school. But on the other hand I have seen with my own eyes a child stealing a cigarette from their mother/fathers bag and sneak outside to smoke it, when I confronted this child they confessed it was because his mother father, and other family members were all outside smoking and he thought if there allowed i’m allowed? To me it was sad to see. Also the statement ” Parents need to realise that smoking isn’t only killing them, it’s killing their children also.” is very powerful and one day I hope parents get the message you are trying to portray. You have a good amount of information here, and the fact that you have added what the Ministry of Health says is great.


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  5. Thank you people for you insight and comments. I can understand where you are coming from in terms that i was generalising ALL children into one brief statistic. I have added a statement in my claim to fix this and mention that it isn’t only parents that influence children to begin smoking, and to state that not all children who have grown up in a smoking household will be smokers.

    Once again thank you for your feedback.


  6. Hi,

    I agree that children definitely are influenced and can take after their parents more than they may think. It is shocking to see that children in Greece between the ages of 13-15 are smoking because their parents do. Not only is that bad because it is a very young age, but also because they’re doing it because their parents do shows smoking laws definitely need to change. Your point about second hand smoke had information I was already aware of, however I didn’t quite know the extent it went to such as illness like croup, pneumonia and bronchitis. This is a good post that supports your main claim well.


  7. You make a good point about how children are influenced strongly by their parent’s decision to smoke. Although there is other factors such as peer pressure which also contribute. One thing to be considered is that not all parents are as reckless as you mentioned when it comes to smoking around their kids and there may also be those parents who just don’t know the extent of the damage they are doing to their child’s health. Really liking your blog so far, interesting to read.


  8. Hello.
    This is a very interesting topic for me as I totally agree with the statement that smoking must be prohibited. It very negatively influences human’s health and I am not jealous to those who inhale second-hand cigarette smoke. For example, if somebody smokes in the street and other man, or even child, will have problems with lungs or immune system and will pass through this smoking man? It can lead to very serious disease including lung cancer. As for me, I do not care if somebody is smoking (that more their problem that he/she damages own health condition), but I have really bad lungs and if I inhale the smoke, then I will feel really sick, suffocate and have breathe’s problems. Moreover, I have absolutely the same opinion about parents’ influence on children. That is not too rare thing that “monkey see, monkey do”, which means if parents, one or both of them, are smoking, that’s quite possible to child “to copy them” and start doing the same thing. Prohibit, prohibit, prohibit!
    Thanks for the discussion.


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